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 Complain condition

​​​​​​​Important information for filling out a complaint form

1. Complainants give consent to allow the Financial Consumer Protection Center (FCC) to disclose complaint details and complainant’s information to related personnel or organizations. Further information may be required in order to deal with the complainants effectively.

2. The complainants accepted that the results of dispute resolution provided by the FCC are in the spirit of fair treatment and in accordance with the scope of its legal authority.  The FCC and its personnel are not responsible for both direct and indirect damages and losses.

3. Complainants confirm that all the information provided to the FCC is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge. This includes the followings;

3.1. Personal information: name, last name, address, phone number, and identification number.

3.2. Details of Complaint: objectives of the complaint, details, name of financial institution concerned, and related documents (with clear explanation)
3.3. Necessary documents for Complaint. ​

​(1) Personal Complaint

​​​(2) Complaining on behalf of a legal entity​​​​(3) Complaining on behalf of a person

For Thai citizens : A certified copy of Thai national ID card or other official ID card that bears Thai identification number 

For Foreigners : A certified copy of a passport 

A certified copy of legal entity certificate dated within 6 months with authorized signature and company’s seal. ​

- (letter of) power of attorney

  • - A certified copy of Thai national ID card or other official ID card that bears identification number or passport (for foreigner) or company’s document as in Box (1) or (2) of both the complainant and the authorized person

​4. FCC will serve as a one-stop service for complaints handling pertaining to financial services providers under the Bank of Thailand’s supervision, such as banking and financial related services. It will serve as a coordinator between complainants and financial service providers under the Bank of Thailand’s supervision in order to solve problems and follow up on complaints being filed. The FCC will not handle:

Complaints which are not related to financial service providers under the Bank of Thailand’s supervision; 

Complaints which are already in a process of court or cases that reached final judgments;

Requests for personal information;

Complaints which are hypotheses and ask for judgments;

Complaints by employees of financial institutions against their employers;

Requesting information that does not belong to the B​ank of Thailand;

Repeated Complaints that are already clarified by financial service providers.

In case FCC receives a Complaint related to Specialized Financial Institution (SFIs), it will refer the case to Ministry of Finance which has direct authority.​​

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